New Year, new beginning...

Been a while since I posted, been a lot going on around these neck of the woods.

Can't believe the last decade has come and gone, really puts a time stamp on the relationship I have been in for the last 12 years, as being that for sure longer than a decade.

Got married, had 2 beautiful children, went to school, went to school again... watched the twin towers come down, got to visit the twin towers, my grandmother pass, a motorcycle accident and a trip to Mexico I vow to one day either redo or never mention ever again.

But as of late this mommy who stayed at home and worked on her very little jewelry business had landed herself a little job that I am utmost excited about and eagerly absorbing as much as the outdoor work world has to teach me.

I struggle with the obvious of leaving my children for hours on end, to spending very little with them when I am home... but experiencing the emotional freedom of being useful as a whole person, providing myself to the grand scheme of this thing we call life and as someone said really at the end of the day working is good for the soul.

My life is fairly a different situation no crazy party, no drinking binge... a lot of what was a parental night in with are kids nicely tucked into their beds, a small Australian bottle of sparkling wine and the countdown from Time Square on TV. My life isn't about the newest club scene or very long coffee dates with magazines in tow... I don't shop til the bank card is empty and well, I really don't shop for myself much anymore.

But what I learnt this last month into transition into what might be a new year to come with hopes and dreams, and things I look forward to making my reality... is that a decade is not that long, it really can go by and not doing, being or attempting to persevere and hold forth in my personal well being and good health - I only do myself a disservice. So for the next decade to come I am looking to myself, to my gut, my heart and my head to make decisions that I only feel best interest me and my family... that within me I am driven by my wants and needs of life and that I can truly do what I dream of doing.

Resolutions to many to list at the moment... but when I put forth getting some of them accomplished or off the ground I will share... promise!!

So I ask what are your resolutions?

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