Ohhhhh 29!!!

I have been anticipating your arrival for the last while, I was awaiting the ability to get rid of 28. 28 came in with a bang, a night of high spending and lavishness to a year that was marred with broken bones, dwindling bank accounts and well not much else to say.

My girls just kept getting bigger, my sleep less and less and my time for my self non existant. I don't know what hold on me 28 had but it was one of meakness, with disregard and no self control to get myself out of my looped perverse notions of what was going on around me.

Not a twisted mind as it might read, but I suffered from severe rut for the last year, and it was a rut that wouldn't be easy to climb out of. But 29 has been here 5 days and so far so good. I feel renewed!

I am a numerological nerd too... and 29 is a year 11 or should I say 2; and that means this is a year for personal change for me, and change from the last year is exactly what the doctor ordered.

I have already seen the change, the mood, the enthusiasm! I have seen the gusto, the perseverance and the drive. And I am truly loving the self evaluation and confidence.... and I smile at their arrival. Where years of being an emotional pushover and tending to others whims and wants I somehow rightfully know my place and my self worth. I embraced my empoweredness and really smile at the life that is ahead of me with humility and grace. Because 29 might be the half of 58, it might be shy of 30 but to me it's 29 years of growth, 29 years of moments that will not define me but be lessons to how I am better and stronger than ever before.

I turned 16, 18, 19, 21, 25 and never felt excited! All those milestones came and went, all those moments of things I can or cannot do just really didn't seem to please me, they never made me feel better or worse about the life I had and they never said things would be different because of them. But 29 speaks volumes... a mom of 2 with confidence and drive! You don't get that when you get your drivers license, you don't get that when you can play the lotto or vote, not when you can legally get alcohol, when you know you can drive south and drink anywhere in the world or when turning the true age of adulthood. I look back and mock those years and what people have touted them as so grand or wonderful.

I am 29, so proud, so illustrious.... and let me tell you looking forward to the big 30; but for now I am going to soak in 29 and take in all the wonderful it has in store for me. 29 bring it ON!~


  1. Aaaah...I remember 29. Nice age to be a mom. I love the term "numerological nerd". I am one too! Best of luck for this next year for you.

  2. Thanks Sue, it was a nice day... and yeah it's a great age to be a mommy.
    I am a total numeroligical nerd! :)