A new luxury...

It's cold outside here, winter feels like it might have come early here.

Winter evokes thoughts of cocoa, throw blankets, warm fires, spiced baked goods... and cold feet. I don't own a pair of boots that I care to own, I never buy a new pair because it doesn't matter the fashion trends of the year they all remind me of witches shoes. So low flung running shoes and high heels with openings are usually my shoes of choice.

But that wouldn't be so bad if I wasn't sock less... yes you read that right without socks I like to roam, snow, sleet, and slush; if you ever had the chance to share in my presence you too would know I am the most anti-sock human being you'll ever meet. But this week I did the unthinkable for myself... I bought socks!!!

Socks are important in my household, my daughters are like I; they don't care to wear socks while roaming the house, we may have slippers on but no socks. Socks is something that goes on just before the shoes do to go outside. I have to buck up and be the bigger person and wear socks as I find them cumbersome and suffocating if you can believe it; and for reasoning with my children to get their socks on it would help if when they look down they notice that mommy is wearing socks just like daddy does.

So for this first winter I will not be walking around sock less in my Pumas, I will be wearing.... prepare yourself, LUXURIOUS SOCKS.

Well they say go big or go home, if I have to put these awful one hole tubes on my feet, cover my already warm feet so they get over heated in any material this won't be the kind of socks that come out of a bag of 12 or 20 pairs, they won't be cheap or bought on the fly. They aren't socks they are luxurious socks, they even have a special tag that marks them this way, made with angora and cashmere, softer than cotton balls... sparkly with bows, like a fine sweater, a texture that evokes warmth and goodness.

4 pairs in total were purchased, a beautiful camel coloured pair of Liz Clairborne socks with a speckled sparkle that is most likely woven in the yarn and a great little velvet bow, a fantastic
oatmeal coloured Ellen Tracy (2 luxury labels adorn these) with a fantastic ribbing and an angora and cashmere blend that is to die for... and a set of knee highs that are slightly reminding me of a friend I had in high school who you couldn't get out of dresses and knee highs, that are black anti-bacterial and made of bamboo... love fashion ingenuity and that I had learnt about the newness of bamboo over 4 years ago and that it finally has trickled down to the most mundane of socks.

So if you see me walk down the street and I have a different step, a little more bounce and a warm smile... it's because my feet are in a chalet in the Poconos, enjoying the snow from a fireplace crackle filled room, sipping on hot cocoa with marshmallows while Perry Como is playing in the background. Smile with me... what is the last luxurious item you bought yourself?

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