Ever since having my girls outings for me have become a distant memory. Getting all done up a luxury far beyond my realm, late nights an immeasurable distance, dates a word that doesn't pass my lips and friends well to hard to schedule hectic lives.

Don't get me wrong, none of this a complaint. I have been my biggest advocate in my ever growing family... my brood grown so quickly others heads spin, while M and I try and get a footing and have our own personal normal.

During the last couple of days I have experienced the joys that are my friends... girlfriends from my high school years came over with their significant others and a baby in tow. A lot has changed, experiences, area codes and life circumstances; but you know you are so excited when even in silence and moments of no talking you know this is the only place you want to be right now. That with all the days of no talking, the missed life moments no words need to describe how close we were and how we will always be.

Today I had another friend visit from a neighbour friend... someone you saw almost daily for other reasons from school, you don't share mutual friends and moving away is always something that tears you apart. But late nights sitting on a porch, stories that no one else understands, laughing about neighbourhood memories, kids at the park and things that we did in the part of the city we lived in.

Friends are great and for me a rare commodity I really can't get enough of. Being a mommy has put a strain on my schedule which has affected the times I get to share with friends... but when those moments come, when you get to share even the great moment of silence, you know that the person sitting in front of you only has your best interest at hand, only cares about you... not what you do, where you live or what you've acquired in your life time. I am lucky to call these people in my life my friends, hope you get to cherish your friends too- perhaps today is the day to do so. Call them up just to talk non-sense... reminding you and them that your friendship is made on a mutual bond of just caring.

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