Sleep, what's that?

The title says it all... my nights are restless and are going to get worse. I am not one of those people who needs a full night sleep every night, who would rather sleep in than anything else... on the complete opposite... I strive on little sleep... I am never really tired and well I like to stay up late hours.

But I can't keep my youngest out of my bed and because of it, I no longer sleep in it. I chose not to sleep in it because I am the lightest of sleepers as is my daughter, I can not have her touching me, talking to me or crying beside me and fall asleep as my husband does. I need quiet and peace to fall asleep and stay that way. Snoring has become something my body won't allow me to ignore if awake but can tolerate once sleeping. My light sleeper though can't have me moving her when she is kicking me in the ribs or caressing my arm or any other form of skin she can find under the covers.

So I get up, and out of my bed head over to my knocked out hard daughter who doesn't realise her sister was wailing beside her in the crib next to her. So sleep has become a luxury I don't get... which is why we invest in socks (LOL)! I am looking forward to sleep again one day.

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