Weight... no more wait!?!?!?!

It has now officially been 18 months since I have given birth to my youngest and there has been no change in my physical stature since.

I lost the gross amount of my 35 pounds weight gain right after the baby, it came off rapidly, most left when the baby came, I had 8 pounds to lose to get to the weight that the Dr. had weighed me at when we found out I was pregnant. I was though still 9 pounds heavier than when I had lost all the baby weight I had gained with my first daughter.

Last winter I had already thought about going on a diet, and I had... I had started a low calorie regimen, a full meal with all food groups being tackled. I had got a whole 10 pounds down in a month... not to hard as I think I might be on the heavier end of my physical scale for my height.

I had the energy to make healthy meals for myself, greens, lean proteins, brown rices... never missing a meal, completely emptying my house from carbonated crap (as I would like to now call it). I bought myself an elliptical machine because for years I have been suffering from burning calf syndrome... something that I really need to get on since I have been diagnosed since 2004 and really haven't made the effort to work on that or myself in general.

But as you all have been following I am in a search of bettering myself, providing myself with a reality that fits my emotional and mental portrayal of myself. I want to be the best me I can be and there is no longer pretending that the weight I am carrying currently is anything but a hindrance to my health, my longevity and providing my life and family with the most energetic and happy me there could be.

So here I go... follow me in my weight journey, I guess every once and a while I will update you all on my goals and my progress, it will be fun and it will be interesting... please forward me anything you think I might gain some knowledge from. I am always interested in trying anything that at the end of the day gives me a healthier me!

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