The morning after....

Sometimes I wonder what possesses me to go out to some places... and yesterday night reminded me that somethings just don't deserve a second chance.

Proudly enough yesterday night my littlest of cousins finally turned the ripe ol' age of 21, legal for 2 years I was pregnant when she became legal and so this year I had promised to go out partying with the whole family. Put my girls to bed, had my mom stay at our house and got myself and dear ol' husband ready for a night out on the town.

We headed out to what would be a younger crowd club, young indeed if I needed to babysit... been there before on a different night, had already experienced the loveliness that it felt to be the oldest person in the room and reminded myself that this is not for MOI!

Loud music (it only seems loud when it isn't any good), drunken teenagers, half naked girls and then I think to myself ohhhh yeah I am going to be 30 next year. Don't take me wrong anyone who knows me and loves me knows you can't take the party girl out of me, I live for a good night out clubbing to my hearts content... but there is a different vibe at an older club, there is a different code of conduct that is acceptable.

Husband chalks it up to a new found freedom, a new sense of sexuality that these kids (as I would like to call them) can find the liberty to bump and grind each other, make out with each other all at once and jump from one girl to another with a sheer desperation that is unforeseeable anywhere else.

Next month is my birthday I turn 29, I am actually excited, age doesn't faze me... but perhaps someone can direct me to a good club where I will party with age appropriate crowd and good ol HOUSE MUSIC that would be the thing for me... perhaps another Sunday at Cheval would have to do.

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