It's almost here...

Christmas is one of my favorite time of years, it's not my favorite Holiday because it was always so grim and not so festive as a child. Every tradition I have for Christmas are ones that I started with myself or with my sister.

My parents never took me to the a Santa Claus parade, there wasn't much fanfare about decorating the house... there wasn't ever Christmas music in the house or Hot chocolate movie watching with my parents. I am not complaining actually because I love the new traditions I have become accustomed to.

Living in Canada, I will have to blushingly say I have only missed 1 Macy's Day Parade since I was in High School, I watch it followed by the Dog show. I have missed work and school to be able to stay home to watch it, the only year I missed it was when I worked as a receptionist at a Health care Center.

I decorate my tree with glee, I invite my cousins over to do it with me if they feel up to it... this year I plan on having the tree up before the first of December. I enjoy my fake tree, perhaps some don't think it's Christmas-y enough, but I get to enjoy it longer and like having it up for over a month. Mine doesn't come down til the 7th of January (St.John's day for Greek Orthodox and actual Christmas for old calendar Orthodoxes.)

Christmas a whole other day of TV related must have, I have never missed one Disney World Christmas Day Parade... I haven't missed it as a child awaiting patiently for the rest of my family to wake up, I was fine to sit on my own watching Mickey Mouse and other characters all decked in their Christmas garb.

I look forward to any new memories I can start with my daughters. I can't wait for them to be a smidgen older, I would like to do something charitable, something where we go visit other kids in the hospital or something a couple days before and they can play with them or something like that.

How do you celebrate Christmas, how do you feel about it?? You can thank fellow blogger about starting the Christmas buzz and if you live in a Canadian city, I can't get enough of the show Cityline which will be sharing a holiday decorating episode tomorrow (Nov.17). Here is to enjoying this season!

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