Children are SMART!

At least mine are... so being sick was one thing, and it seems like being sick is exceptionally detrimental to me because this is the second time I have been sick the whole of 2009 and both times getting a simple cold blows out into full on laryngitis.

Chalk it up to the fact that I talk to much, I talk to my kids too much, I complain to my family to much, I speak to much in my political meetings to much, I love to debate too much.... I talk to much and well my vocal chords are annoyed by me and I have been silenced.

Parental silence= Children's fantasy

Do this, eat your food, don't stick your fingers there, don't put that in your mouth, why are you naked, stop hitting your sister, let's change your diaper... commmoooonnnn let's change your diaper, do you want to go to your room, why are you being a bad girl, get off that, get down from there, you are going to hurt yourself... followed by yelling of Menace, Monster....

My children (and even my husband even though he won't admit it) are in bliss; I cannot verbalise anything, a whisper is difficult and well after everything I read about having laryngitis whispering is more strenuous on the larynx than talking. So how do your children repay me for my silence? They take, take and take some more advantage of me.

We have a large flat screen TV in our bedroom... (doesn't fit in the carved wood unit we have in the living room that my father made with his bare hands that I can't muster up the courage to do something with) they watch their very juvenile cartoons in that room because the largeness of the screen keeps them occupied. Today, after many weeks of behaving, understanding that mommy's room is her domain and not to be messed with... with a thought in their mind, being monkeys and jumping on my bed was the only form of entertainment they could enjoy in my room.

If you fret over the jumping you'd be surprised because that is the lightest point of their expedition of my room, see jumping would not suffice my daughters, because to them linens are obstacles, pillows are deterrents... they need to remove every item off the bed before commencing the frolicking of toddlers.

I can hear them as I come up to my room door giggling to their hearts content, laughing like there could be no better moment for them. I open the door, to which they stop instantly because my eldest is aware that linen removal is unacceptable.... frightened they are that Mommy Dearest might start yelling, they realise no such noise will leave my mouth, nothing no yelling, no sound of disappointment... they smirk.

Luckily my eldest to a point understands that such a behaviour would have not been accepted previously, she participates in putting the pillows back onto the bed. Only reason I wasn't highly irritated, by all means it's Sunday... it's time to change the linens anyways!

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