Sick is a word that we unfortunately keep saying here in my house, one daughter sick, then the other, one of us parent sick and then it seems like we started to process all over again.

I have a cold again for the second time this fall.... I hate having a cold, the head pressure, the nasal congestion, the sore throat, the exceptional tiredness. I actually prefer to have the flu if that makes any sense.., you have a fever, you feel sore but when that all passes you know their is light at the end of the tunnel.

Since being pregnant with my girls and having sinusitis the whole pregnancy as soon as it starts again, I can't fathom how long it might take to full clear it out of my system. With my youngest it lasted 5 months.

So today when I woke up with such a significant sinus headache the idea of dealing with this gets the best of me emotionally, because like I said I hate having a cold. So here is to healing my cold, here is to knowing that it isn't anything more than a cold... let's hope it will be ok for me to take the girls to see Santa Claus this Sunday.

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