Zumba.... ohhhh Zumba!!!

I have increased my overall activity by 10 folds, something that needed to be done to get on my path to a better health, weight goal, waist size and physical ability.

This week's goal is 5 days of excercise, that means other than not being lazy or procrastinating and just getting myself up and around doing the things that need to get done... I take the time out of my day and do an excercise that is out of my comfort level, out of my time with my family and away from my obsession with social media.

So my week starts on Sunday and will continue to do so throughout this diet phase of my life, because Sunday is a slow day, a day where I can get plenty done in my home and then get on my elliptical machine at the end of the day to get a much needed workout. Saturday will be my excercise free day, my muscles also needed it... atleast this is what they tell me!?!?!

So Sunday, I got on my elliptical machine... a good 30 minutes of striding. Nothing to call home about, but as long as I get on it, do the work and take my time progress is progress. But I got on my machine and decided to check my heart rate as soon as I got on the machine. And what a nightmare.... 103 BPM, yeah you read that right, at nearly resting I have the heart rate of a newborn or if you ask me a potential heart attack patient.

So in despair and disgust with my health and what I had done to make it as poor as it has become, Monday came rolling around with a renewed sense of reality that there is an aerobic class that I love that is at the local community center taught by who I think is the best aerobic teacher you'll ever have.

So I went and to my surprise she changed her muscle conditioning class into a Zumba class... with plenty of shimmying, shaking, hip thrusts and butt wiggling and now my core muscles are fritzing, they are begging for mercy. Plié squats that contained curls and other arm workouts and the muscle near my knee reminds me how out of shape I have been yet it encourages me to remind me this will be a long road, I didn't gain the weight in a day it's not going to come off in a day.

So what do you do to keep fit? What is your exercise regimen, please share... I would love to hear anyone else's way to lose weight... share your stories, maybe you'll inspire someone reading the comments section!!


  1. Hey there! Thanks for stopping by my blog today. I'm glad it made you laugh :D

    I don't drive so a lot of my exercise consists of walking around downtown Toronto. I do go to the YMCA as well. I usually do cardio (on the elliptical machine), some light weights & then some pilate exercises on the floor mats. Pilates for me has been great--it really firms you up!!

    Getting back into shape is definitely a process. I think its awesome that you've started--good luck with everything~!! :)

  2. Thanks a lot for stopping by on my blog as well... I found yours through Fab Brunette!

    Yeah, well with babies and a car it's been impossible to lose the weight just naturally. I did join a couple of aerobics classes over at the community center closest to me.

    Thanks for the nice words--- looking to read your musings in this city we live in.