What have you been reading lately?

I have a bit out of the loop lately, I will take the liberty to blame it on pregnancy disassociation--- when you really are in your own head space you don't care to really see what's going on with the rest of the world; at least that's how I feel.

But near the end of the week I decide to get back to one of my most favorite mediums and get back on to twitter and see what was going on. (Yes that meant my FOMO kicked in for a few minutes: FOMO, Fear of Missing Out) What a pleasure it was to finally see a blogger to take the liberty to whip slash a PR firm who tried to strong hand them. Now let's not get me wrong , I have friends in PR, I have great relations with PR firms who send me fun products or invite me to great events. But let's call the truth the truth The Bloggess got email assaulted and did the best thing you can ask me Blogged about it and then sent it out to her 164K twitter followers who grew an extra 2000 by late yesterday night by calling out the VP from the PR firm who referred to her as a 'Fucking Bitch.' If you want to read it, you can here.

And if you need to fill yourself with a bunch of positive as well... I am not sure I mentioned on here yet that I love reading the Daily Love which is created by positivity professional Mastin Kipp this week Mena Suvari wrote about how she changed who she was to succeed in her relationships... it's a great read, an honest read, you can find it here.

And because I am a bit of a Canadian fan, Danielle La Porte is a self-help guru, not sure if she refers to herself as one, but she definitely wants everyone to strive to their greatness and you can see it from her posts on White Hot Truth which will link you to a great read about being in a slump and rising above it.

The Internet is fun, the musings even better... but when you can feel a certain something about humanity after reading a few posts, well then the Internet is a win for me. What have you read lately online that made you smile?

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