Do you TV?

I had my first baby over 4 years ago, and since she was followed by my second like some Irish Twin the one thing lacking in my life is the Television watching I use to do.

I love my TV, have since I was a little girl, use to wait for the September TV guides to come through the front door, made the TV schedule for the whole household, so we could all watch what we wanted to without interfering in each others shows... with 4 different personalities a TV schedule that made everyone happy was highly important.

Since giving birth, CNN and Slice TV had become my go to stations. I have not seen many shows that premiered and then died out... but with my daughters beyond early school schedule, by 8pm I have my night back to myself. So here I am looking to see what might be on TV... I have an idea of what I'd like to see, have become a bit of a fan of Franklin & Bash, looking forward to Walking Dead and luckily caught an episode of Parenthood and have been hooked since day 1!

But I have some new shows that I would love to see... like I would like to watch 2 Broke girls, the new Whitney Cummings show and probably a whole bunch of other shows I might have caught a preview of and have totally forgot that I wanted to actually watch that show!

So I am asking for your help... what are you watching, what is your not to miss show, what should I be watching that I am not already watching???

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  1. Two Broke Girls and The New Girl are two new shows that I added to my line up and I like both of them. Other shows that I watch 90210, Sons of Anarchy, Vampire Diaries and Grey's. I am sort of watching Survivor and Gossip Girl but let's just say that I don't rush home to watch it (and I am okay with it if I miss the entire episode, I can always catch up).