I am a mother to a child in school.....AAAAHHHHH!!!

Where do I begin, the excitement is palatable for me!

I am a secret nerd, back to school was never a big deal in my household as a child, I use to get hand me downs from my way older sister, and entered class with kids with new pens and pencils, crayons and funky pencil cases!

My mother never understood the fun that was school, she wasn't the first to be in line at the library or the book store... she liked that I was smart but had no idea how to encourage it. My eldest is smart... I know this sounds biast, but my eldest could sit from the tender age of 1 and read, colour or paint in large increments of time. Her gusto to learn is so endearing to me I want to feed and feed her little brain.

Getting her back to school stuff was far more entertaining and exciting for me than I could have ever imagined... I walked through the Business Depot saying "I am so excited, I am so excited!" I think my eldest enjoyed the aspect of me being happy for her, my poor husband on the other hand is slightly more emotional. Just yesterday he couldn't contain his emotions as she walked around the house with her new knapsack excited about getting on her school bus.

But I am a in sheer joy, I always anticipated the idea of being a mother to a child who would grow and flourish and I am relishing it like a kid in the candy store luckily for me! My poor husband will have to grow into that concept!


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  2. So exciting! How did the first day at school go?

  3. It was actually great... she received it better than I expected since she is being tossed into a strictly french school! :)