To vacation or not...

I use to go to Greece as a child a lot, actually very much alone!

While you are going to read the end of that sentence in a very bizarre manner, my parents would put me on a plane alone with supervision and send me off to see family over in Greece, doing it alone actually gave me a ton of independence. Never did I feel I needed to be in the company of others to feel safe, I felt safe with myself. But it's been 10 years since I last step foot on Greek soil and I am yearning to go back.

Was thinking about going back as a family unit, debating about the costs associated to take toddlers across the pond, plane tickets that are outstandingly high, car rental fees that are crazy (we have 4 people to move around a whole country) gas, food, souvenirs and some tours. We decided to postpone til the next baby arrives.

But the other day my husband sent me for a loop when he said why not go at it alone. It would be so nice to go, pregnant to see all my friends and family... so much has changed since the last time I swam in salt water, since I saw my cousins and now meet new additions to their families. But I am being guilt ridden, I have always wanted to take my husband to Greece, to show him all my favorite places in Athens, Sparta, my favorite beaches in Stoupa, cliff diving off rock beaches in Mani and well just drinking a Frappe at a platia in the middle of any city in Greece and being up swept by the culture.

Many wouldn't understand what I mean, but I always dreamt about the day returning to Greece to see my girls run through a platia with other kids whose parents are also enjoying their coffee! Teach my girls to swim in the Mediterranean like I first did, get them to be spoiled rotten by family who has only ever seen them in pictures, talked to them on the phone. Get them to meet my oldest friend, my friend Rania that I first met at the tender age of 8 and who also is expecting her first this month.

I long for small jaunts to Greece, I miss the feeling of being there even if it's for a few days, I hate how far it is, how I can't ever go and island hop because I have to much to do when I am there, too many people to see to much excitement to be missed. It will never be a destination vacation, like a home away from home for me.

So next week, I might wake up deciding to take myself onto a very long 8hr plane ride and be one with the wind and go, just go... but it won't happen if I can't stop eating at myself that I should be there with all my family!

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  1. I say go for it, go alone. Your hubby is all for it, otherwise he wouldn't have suggested it. You can always go later when the kids are a little older, or at least go before the new baby turns two. But for now, if you are allowed to fly, go and visit your family in Greece. It will give you some "me" time before the baby is born and the craziness begins.