Why I write and how to make life count....

It's a very exciting time in my house lately, we are preparing to send our first to her first year of school, but before I go into the anguish of getting ready for that (keeping it for another post); I figured I would explain when I became a writer/blogger!

I won't be lying to you to tell you I loved books from being a child, I won't feed you any bull about being a star pupil; on the contrary all my language classes I barely made do, I passed by the very little that I could, never read the required reading material and well hated the books that were ever assigned to us.

First book I read from front to back other than my attempted Babysitter Club books, which I am starting to think I never actually completed was The Catcher in the Rye, grade 10... I was coming into who I was and the books way of writing in a verbal tone was exactly something I could understand my teacher butchered it, she hated the hero and so she tried to paint the book ugly, which turned me off more about the English class attendance til grade 12.

I went to an all French school, and my Grade 12 English teacher was new to our school, in from an English school she didn't speak a word of French and her teaching style completely new, have way into the year she got us to start reading Handmaid's Tale... and she dissected the book like no one's business, perhaps it bored intensely some of the reading aficionados of my class who liked to get through a book in a week, but we went through every detail of the written word of that book for over 3 months. I read and read every detail of that book, I sat there during class dissecting along with her and was entranced by such a plausible story about birthing rights, slavery and a mother's place and her womb. It appears from the ripe age of 17 I knew being a MOM was a huge deal to me.

From that book I spiraled into some fiend... I wrote essays better than ever before, I appreciated what the written form could do and create and how it can cause a permanent reaction to those who might be reading it.

Now since reading Handmaid's Tale (Margaret Atwood) I haven't really picked up much fiction, I am a bit of a self-help nerd. I believe it's from my great need for change, for being the best me, for creating the ultimate ideal in myself and those around me. And when I write I can't seem to do fiction either... it's not in me to do!

But I know a lot of teachers going back into their classrooms this upcoming week, I know some great teacher, have met some pretty crappy ones, but I owe my ability to put pen to paper, fingers to keyboard to the one and only Ms. Lily Dabby and if you ever do cross her path please tell her she changed someone life for the good... and remember to go and be someonelse's Ms. Dabby, because I read to my girls daily in hopes that they will love the written word, they love the world of communication and the continued pursuit of changing people with words to do better.

Thanks Ms. L. Dabby!

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