Do you delete?

The other day I had a private conversation with someone on twitter... in Lehman's terms, we had a DM convo. But the next day when I went to retrieve the email she had provided me I realised it was completely gone.

The whole message and stream of conversation, fully disappeared!

And then I realised while starring at my phone today that my Whatt'sapp messages were long gone as well...

And now I am frustrated. I like to keep all my convos on my phone, it's like a personal folder of things I might need to find and retrieve. Brilliantly I remember a few hours, days or even weeks later to get to something I was told I could do in my message. While talking to my cousin on the phone, she informed me she clears out her history because seeing there feels cluttered to her.

I was a gasped... because someone like her would be the reason my long messages that I need are simply now GONE from my personal database of stuff said and information passed on.

I am not talking sleazy convos, or naked pictures here people... simple, hi it was great to meet you conversation, let's talk soon here's my email. Like a personal Rolodex when I didn't get a business card, or we were introduced in cyber world.

So do you clean "phone" house? Because while it's your device to clear out... people might still need the information you sent them.

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