Taking it up a notch!

I have been blogging since 2007... it had started off as something to do while pregnant since I wasn't returning to the world of editorial. I had a small fashion blog about Trend Hunting because before getting pregnant that was my ultimate job goal.

Then the girls came along and blogging about fashion from around the world that was a little too out there for the masses to appreciate seemed so irrelevant to me. I started Mommydoings! I have loved working on my blog and it finally has a voice. It isn't that pretty and pink kind of blog where I post pictures of my girls in adorable outfits but real tangible articles about real mom issues with the spice of food and fun.

The other day someone said to me you have created a real personality for yourself online... and my twitter following just keeps getting bigger. I always chalk it up to I am just a regular girl (yeah, I like the world girl far more than woman... not sure why at the end of the day I am just a girl) and people follow me. But the same person says to me... 'but I feel like people are looking at you for advice or commentary!'  I can't help but shy away from that; I have never seen myself as an authority about anything.

But lately with those who have a presence online, public relations experts around me and others who I meet at networking events I keep getting asked: What's your Brand?

I didn't know I had a "Brand"! Now I am starting to realise that not owning up to my brand is doing everyone around me a disservice. How do PR associates know which events to send me to, how do my readers know what to expect from my posts, and well why don't I take it all up a notch? But a great little opportunity has fruited itself as of lately about submitting yourself as a blogger for Today's Parent. They want to know what makes me unique from other mothers... I don't like to toot my own horn or say I am better than anyone. But I am a mom on a mission.

How does this make me unique? I am a mom in reconstruction from the inside out! After a big long overhaul of soul searching and running for city council; I want more for myself and my girls. I want to provide to the world around me, I don't want to know limitations in my capabilities and I want to spread the encouragement to other mothers who feel they need to be put into a category or non-moms who might feel like having kids would stifle their careers or ideas for themselves. How we are more than our titles!

So my brand? I am a self-help, self-appreciating Mompreneur, who runs a business from home, raising kids and birthing them still... I want to be the voice of encouragement that reaching for the stars is not for our kids but something we do to show our kids it's possible. So let my inner star shine, to help me help all the other moms who might be feeling they don't shine anymore; while I tout my love for social media and how I believe the art of networking in the social stream is a fantastic avenue for moms!

I am taking it up a notch, perhaps Today's Parent will appreciate my candor, perhaps they won't but what a great opportunity to identify my brand and how I can make more of my blog than a place to rant and rave.

They can see that I live in a loving chaos with kids and saw dust... how simple decisions can be life decisions because I struggle with perfect parenting, that simple things like being able to see my feet again is a sheer sense of joy and that even though life is so simple I am not afraid to touch on the taboo!

I love to write, I am NOT afraid to talk about anything... from my body, my feelings, my sexual pregnant dreams... the fact that I can appreciate my flaws while working on improving ME! So if they are looking for a writer who wants to grow and leap with their readers, I think I am the go to girl. Because I am not perfect, but I am certainly unique! Ohhh and I do enjoy a cocktail or two when I am not expecting!

Thanks! and Cheer!~

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