Design me, excited!

We all like to take pride in our homes, we all like to believe we have the nicest home decoration or our personal styling is impeccable.

I live in my parents old home... this sometimes becomes a very difficult task for decorating. Yet my husband and I have found endless ways to renovate it to get it to look more like "our" home and less like "their" home... designing rooms that can't really be changed needed a new set of eyes.

I have always wanted someone to come and overhaul my house... I like to believe I have great taste, problem might also be I appreciate a lot of design styles. Not to mention, working on a Master Bedroom that will be shared by my husband I wanted something that could marinate both our unique personalities. We both like bold, unique and clean. We enjoy modern spaces, but don't feel at home in them.

I am a Neo-classic, modern- art deco, french meets old English. So how does one make it work... well they hire the only person who they could think can meld with all these ideas and work out a style that would finally feel right! In comes Lisa Canning, I have been following her since she appeared on the first season of 'Marriage under Construction" (a show detailing of a newlywed couple who buy a fixer-upper in their first year of marriage).

She came in and saw a torn up Master Bedroom still in the midst of drywall going up, and luckily she came in before the closet went up because she overhauled what I thought was the only option for the room. Glad to have someone come in with a proper understanding of design.

She was genius, drawing up two different plans in mere minutes... I was in awe. But best of all was talking about having our large brood of kids, it's nice to meet a like minded female who is working hard in the city but still raising, growing and ever expanding her family. *sometimes I feel alone in that endeavour

So here are the images of potential rooms we are putting together, which one do you like best? Which one do you think we went with?


  1. Option one is pretty standard so I am guessing you went with the more modern option two.

  2. Option One is really pretty, but Option Two is still nice! I have no idea which you went with!

  3. Do tell what the closet redesign is. What is the floor plan?