Resolving to Resolute!

Happy New Year 2012,...

Welcome the new year with thought and emotion... I have so much on my mind and on my plate. But what a better time to think of ways to make the next 12 months a splendid experience than to have all of the social media universe discussing resolutions, affirmations and words to bring forth greatness.

My friend Sameer got my ball rolling with his concept of picking a word to use as your compass for the year ahead, I picked "Leap"; because I plan on leaping into every adventure I plan for the next year. Something about my trip to LA made me realise that there is nothing better than sinking ones toes into the sand because well leaping in the faith that it will work out really does work.

Where does the resolution come into play with this all am resolving to keep leaping, leaping into my work, my blog posts, my workouts (post-baby) and believing with all leaps of faith into the genius ideas I have. And I have 12 great fun tasks waiting for me... I am leaping into my happy past. I am reconnecting with those who brought out my happiest times. Because it's high time I acknowledge those who mean more to me and bring out the best version of myself.

Life is short, time is seconds long... and I need to get into it before December rolls around again for 2012. What are you resolving to resolute?

My girls on New Year's Eve

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  1. Leap is a great word to choose! Good luck on all the adventures you'll be leaping into this year.