Where we drew inspiration for our Master Bedroom?!?!?!

Mike and I are very similar but very different in our personal styling, I am very more out there, Mike is more clean. I like florals, he likes modern, I pinks, him concrete and white. I like classic lines, mirrored objects and Mike clean lines and casual feel. It's really hard to put into words how eclectic we are.

So when deciding to renovate the master bedroom we just couldn't decide on a colour... it wasn't happening, no pinks were allowed, he wanted nothing that reminded him of the room before we gutted it. I needed it to be comfy looking and fancy as well to a degree. So after thinking of going grey... because it was an option. I started showing him rooms that were black and white focused. And it sold us both, I can't see a colour going into that room at all... because this is the direction we are going into.

*All images were sourced from pressing Black and White Master Bedroom in Google.*

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