Ohhh and Baby is coming!

I've been so busy...

But aren't we all you might be thinking. But in all my stuff that I have been wrapping myself around realising that this baby is stewing away slowly to make it self a healthy happy to come out. But woah.... when did I get to the point where I only have 5 weeks left and the baby should be here.

I have been trying really hard to find myself for the last few years and one of the biggest obstacles I have struggled with is starting a business that is my own and in the vain of the industry I am so mentally attached and absorbed with Fashion. Some of you might now but if not I have been working on launching my Canadian Made Costume Jewelry line.

I have been busy with the girls crazy schedule since going back to school since the Winter holidays, they both are fully scheduled from Monday to Thursday, and because of that it adds more to my plate. Right in the middle of my afternoon I am dressing up daughters in tutus, making sure they have sneakers in snow pant weather for Hip Hop, get a snack into them before dancing even though I only have an hour from the time the bus does the drop off til the class starts.

We also got a puppy at Christmas too... a few more things to do like make sure he has gone to the bathroom before we sleep, before I need to head out with the girls, before I need to grocery shop just to avoid any accidents in the house.

All and all totally forgetting that ohhh yeah I need to get on planning for this baby's arrival. It really hit me at the 33 week mark. I was just going with the flow, until I realised that 7 weeks doesn't really equate 2 months, I don't have anything no diapers, no outfits, no baby room planned. Perhaps I would have been more prepared if there was some sort of shower planned around this baby. But it's been so blasé of a pregnancy, just taking everyday as they come. But woah... I didn't expect it'd be here so soon. So anyday now this baby could arrive without any fair warning.

How have you been enjoying this New Year thus far?

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