Mommy does Hollywood Pt. 1.

 I am believing that a few people are awaiting patiently for my posts about my much talked about trip to Los Angeles. And without any further ado... I will start with the most touristy of places Hollywood Blvd.

The husband and I got stuck inside the hotel most of the day because the rain wouldn't let up, and rain in LA is a rarity. We were forewarned that it never lasts all day, but perhaps because we were there we got a full day of grey. Around 7pm the rain started to let up and I was getting antsy, we had seen a bunch of the nicer restaurants in the neighbourhood, why not see a movie at the Graumann's Chinese Theater dawned on me,  went online and only one movie to choose from so we went anyways.

The Graumann's Chinese Theater

We got there fairly early, perused around the Hollywood Walk of Fame, I hunted for Marilyn Monroe's footprints... there were a bunch of cool ones to see. We finally entered the theater, I can't begin to describe the majesticness of this place. I remember when I was little Toronto had these grandiose theaters that showed only one film, there use to be a beautiful one on the Danforth. But this theater was awe inspiring.So beautiful,so grand.... words really couldn't describe it's ornateness. We watched New Year's Eve movie, which almost seemed fitting since it was overtly filled will Hollywood celebrities.

The consession stand

They also had a ton of artifacts and costumes in the theater from movies past... seeing some of Cleopatra's pieces was pretty fantastic for this film buff.

Jewelry from the film Cleopatra
We got lucky or unlucky depending on how you see it but Hollywood Blvd was beyong quiet, very few tourists, few people dressed in bizarre costumes (we only got to see Spider-Man) and sidewalks that were easy to find and read every single name immortalized in the ground.

When my friend Julia asked us what we thought of Hollywood Blvd, the best description I could come up with is that at night it reminded me of Honest Ed's on crack (only an understandable referrence if you've ever been to Toronto) but you turn the corner and out of no where there is a barage of lights blinking and twinkling in your face. You can't miss the visual craziness but it definitely was different.

Marilyn Monroe set her hand prints for Men Prefer Blondes, Janes Russell's are next to hers.

Her star is actually further down the street, West from the Theater.
So much to be seen on this street, like the El Capitaine, The Kodak Theater and the Wax Museum... all coming in the next post. Have you ever been to Hollywood before?


  1. Seeing what a celebrity gossip whore I am, I definitely need to go to Hollywood one day

  2. For someone who is also a celebrity junkie, even the old celebrities it was definitely a surreal experience.