My heart might be in Dixie too...

So every once and a while I write a post about my TV watching... I use to be a severe addict, I don't get to watch a lot of it because of how different my nights have become after having babies. I either am on serious Mommy duty, I try and go out socially late at night when girls are sleeping to not disturb anyone with my need for an outing, or I just fall asleep in some one's bed that I completely miss shows.

But I started watching Hart of Dixie late into the season, had no interest in watching a Rachel Bilson show on the CW, but I happen to catch an episode and have been permanently hooked. Had to go watch all the past episodes.

The show is about a New York girl Zoe Hart (Rachel Bilson) moving to Alabama to pursue and further her Medical career. While there somehow she gets a little bewildered in the ways of those who live in the small town community and her brash New York ways. There is a pretty huge love Triangle, which isn't a triangle more like trapezoid. But I love the mini triangle that is George-Zoe-Wade. George (Scott Porter) is the small town attorney and Wade (Wilson Bethel) is the town do it all guy. Jamie King also plays Lemon. Something about this show makes me feel like I am watching something similar to Gilmore Girls which I was deeply in love with.

Here's the preview for tonight's return for the rest of the season...

But I think I might like the show even more now that they could spoof themselves on Funny or

Have you guys watched this show at all? Are you as addicted as I am? You can catch it on the CW 9pm after Gossip Girl on Mondays or on CHCH at 8pm on Canadian TV channels.


  1. This is one of my favourite "guilty pleasure" shows on TV right now as well. And you are right, it does feel like Gilmore Girls (mostly because they are using the same set!).

    I'm team Wade. Which one are you?

  2. I am totally team Wade... I also have a serious crush on him now! :) It works for my husband because he's got a crush on Rachel Bilson, so we both watch and gawk together.