Mommy does Hollywood Pt. 2

Standing on the steps of the Kodak Theater

So we hung around the very wet road of Hollywood Blvd that was scarce and empty from the day of rain, and walked and walked. It really was nice to have more quiet than crazy tourist like. In our search for the Marilyn Monroe star we passed right beside El Capitane theater another single movie theather which is so ornate even on the outside, it was showing the Muppet movie.

We bought gifts for our family members on Hollywood Blvd, easy as they had everything under the sun emblazoned with the words Hollywood, Oscars and Los Angeles.

But it got far more exciting as we got closer and closer to the Kodak Theater... because I am a serious award show junkie and the idea of walking up the steps of where the Oscars are held every year was a pretty exciting. I didn't realise they had banners up for every film ever to win best film. And banners set up for almost 70 years to come. Currently the theater was housing the Cirque du Soleil show Iris, I do wish Mike and I had decided to get tickets to see that, because it would have been just as cool to enter the theater as well. It really was strange seeing the Kodak Theater sitting in the middle of everything, and not as grand as I expected it to be.

The Kodak theater
So while I was gushing about things that were so cool, the husband desperetaly wanted to go to the Hollywood Wax Museum.  I will not lie I had no interest in seeing wax figures... but he really wanted to go so we did. And we got to see some great figures, curiously how short some actors are and how big others are. The pictures I added need no introduction, but love how comfy my husband looks with both the nicest character ever written and the most controversial man in both shots.

Hollywood Blvd was definitely different and unique, full of everything touristy and the only time I felt like an actual tourist in Los Angeles. Something about Los Angeles that doesn't let you stand out as a tourist.

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