Vacationing sans kids!
Once I let the guilt of being the worst mom on earth subside... I remember that I haven't been anywhere further than an hour away from my hometown of Toronto since I got married. *pleaseeee hold the gasps, I know that's a pretty dreadful reality

The year I was married I went away with my best friend Cindy to Vancouver for 5 days... one of my most memorable trips and really the only one I can say I did with a friend. My parents always sent me to Greece alone, been many times ALONE... and other than Mike and my trip to Mexico, we have never really traveled as a couple together.

So with baby number 3 due to arrive in the New Year, our birthdays and the fact that I want some alone time with my husband that doesn't consist of deciding what we are making dinner for the girls tonight, who is bathing the girls tonight (Mike has unfortunately took this task on big time since I keep getting bigger and bigger and my bathtub makes it too cumbersome to bath wet toddlers.) We are off...

Destination of choice took a little bit of a decision... hard to decided between everywhere for a certain amounts of dates, and distance issues. I wanted to max out being on a plane for 5 hours, I wanted a city with a ton to do and never been to before. This made New York City out of contention because I've been many times and Mike hasn't; I refused to go unable to party this time around.

So after deliberation of beach squatting, romantic gestures and how much alcohol needed to be consumed to enjoy what could actually be a boring city or town... Miami... warm, sunny but not going to drink or party so what's the point. Vancouver... Mike refuses to feel even remotely cold, so no go! Las Vegas... also no partying and the idea of gambling with a belly seemed well a little trailer trash to me.

So down to 2 choices, London and Los Angeles were up next... and LOS ANGELES won over it's opportunity to be so much warmer than here, I have seen the Pacific when in Vancouver but too cold to put my feet in it, so that is the plan... feet planting, sand crunching, Hollywood Blvd perusing vacation for my birthday!


  1. Love your decision to travel before baby number three arrives. Couple travel sans kids seems like the ideal way to keep the romance going, while at the same time giving you a much needed break. I will look forward to your post-trip story! Happy Birthday to you.... :)

  2. It's great that you and your hubby are going to go on this trip. You need some alone time. Although it might be tough to be away from your little girls, you need that time with your love before the new little one arrives. I look forward to hearing all about it.

  3. Thanks so much ladies... I have so much planned out for the blog, so many stories to share! Looking forward to the alone time the most... :)