I had a moment...

a sheer moment of insanity!!

So I have been excercising and dieting (s0mewhat!?!?!?) for the last while... you all might have read this tidbit on here.

Now the number on my scale not highly significant, actually it itself can sometimes be slightly disappointing. But now when I look down at my feet the only thing blocking the view are my ferociously large breasts. 36DD--- but that's only because I am too cheap to go into a bra boutique and get sized properly (I like finding my bras at the La Senza or ordering bras from Victoria's Secret.

So feet view... ohhh yeah! So I look down and creeping from the view of my cleavage peek out my toes. Yeah you say, so I can see my toes! But that's great, we should all be able to see our toes, but for a long while my toes had become missing children that had been lost since the birth of my last child. I am what Dr. Oz would call an Apple! I am an Apple (while the term almost sounds endearing, it means I am at higher risk of heart attack, stroke and diabetes) So you lovely beautiful Pears--- you know who you are you usually find JLo to have a fantastic posterior but this is your excuse to feel that been giving mother natures maternal child bearing hips is part of having a booty. That's not a rear, but your hips! But you Pears who want to hide behind having hips, know that you were actually given a mini genetic lottery; you are least likely to suffer the aforementioned health problems.

But here I am staring at my newly slightly transformed body, I have not become no Cindy Crawford, and thinking wow what a difference. I even took pictures... HA! I even took full body pictures in multiple directions and am fascinated at the smaller tummy that has ensued. It was becoming a permanent feature of myself, a constant post pregnancy belly. But it was non-excusable. I am 2 years post-partum! I was excused of the baby weight for so long, as I am walking along with children who can fully recite their ABCs, can jump, walk and climb--- there was no way people wouldn't walk away from me and think, hasn't she lost any baby weight yet?

So the truth is that I wanted to post the pics, I can't get it past myself to get it on here. I can't feel ready to share thus far... but one day, oooohhh one glorious day I will post, Pre-Body and my POST-BODY which I only find exciting to meet. So I apologise for the tease, but there won't be any pictures of yet!

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