The Ballet stole my heart!

Mommy Outings!

So every once and a while I will post about different outings that this mommy goes out on, I tend to get invited to industry related events, cool art events, fun social outings and most of all great mommy outings with other great mommies. So follow along for the next fun item.

But this week it is Onegin... you read and perhaps understood what that means, and for others such as myself who had never heard of it. I went to see a Ballet based on a Pushkin Novel.

I am so blessed that I often get tickets from a fantastic source that my husband and I have seen the utmost beautiful pieces of masterpieces that the National Ballet of Canada puts together. I have seen some modern ballets, Nutcracker and them even do West Side Story. Why am I telling you all the ballets I have seen... well because people. Onegin was truly the most beautifully done ballet I have ever set my eyes on. It was so fantastic I am still in AWE of it and that was on Tuesday that I saw it.

We happened to be there for a very special evening`s performance, we happened to be there for the 20 year Anniversary of Sonya Rodriguez`s with the company. What a feat, no? Getting to do what you`ve wanted to do for over 20 years--- not to mention dancing everyday of your life, how beautifully magical.
So I actually got 4 tickets to the ballet this showing, I never get 4 tickets may I add. I definitely have never been given 4 tickets in the Orchestra section of the ballet but I did. And so my quest to find a set of friends who are a couple who might want to go on the most fantastic double date started... and I got not one bite. I guess pimping my tickets on Facebook is not a great option but that was happened. But I ended up taking on of my neighbours who I never had gone out with before and one of my youngest`s godparent... and I truly had a great night. I got all gussied up and even wore my little and lovely Betsey Johnson rose print wedges.


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