We got rained out!!!

We had a busy week and weekend around here...

My husband had rented a booth at a car event-- it was for his airbrushing business. And he hadn't ever rented one before, so we worked hard on getting everything ready.

I asked and asked if the event producers had planned a rain date in case they got rained out, he said no it was a go no matter what the weather conditions were going to be. So we put putted ahead with all the plans. Business card printings, tables, tent and so on...

The morning was gray, the day would be long... I never got a chance to sleep a wink the night before. My girls slept the night at my mom's, so I got the chance to take in a overnight shower that was long and very forgiving. I hadn't taken a shower past bedtime in this house since my second was born.

There was also the Greece world cup game, first of 3 that are for sure. But they lost anyways... but in the end we got rained out like crazy. It poured and poured. It was a miserable shade of gray all day and it never stopped. I wouldn't say the day was a bust, because in the end we learnt how to prepare for a rental booth at an event.

What did you guys do this weekend?

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