Ohhh the shoes!

One of the worst part about being pregnant back to back...


I use to wear high heels daily in high school, then when I started dating my husband it was a lot more calm and quiet times... a lot more lounging. Heels not mandatory!

With my weightloss in progress it actually is a lot funner to wear my heels again... not to mention I have 2 important weddings this year and I want to sport some sexy shoes. So shoe training begins, the ability to wear high heels for long periods of time so important.

Isn't it fantastic to just put on a pair of beautiful heels, walk about so fantastically and a sense of sexiness no matter what size you are? I am so happy to be wearing my little beauties again.

You saw the Betsey's last week... I also wear a fantastic pair of black mules circa late 90's from the Aldo that are so friggin' comfortable and these beautiful gold chinnoiserie shoes that I got a few years ago but couldn't sport. To top off wearing my shoes... I got all primped up and went on a much needed coffee date with one of my besties. I really love going out for a great drink/coffee with my friend Maureen.

We talk and talk and talk... to the point where conversations still don't feel finished, but the place you are sitting at has the waitresses putting away tables and chairs. We shut the places down; it's only because we enjoy each others company so much. And I love her and our lady dates! Best part is she is a mommy like me... are kids are friends but when we get a chance to have our little ones being watched we get together and never stop talking.

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