Blogger has added a couple of design elements to their Blog Services and I had been thinking about changing it up around here, so bear with me... there may be more changes to come.

I just want to find something that fits, something my readers will be comfortable looking at, while it also is a great representation of myself. There may be a few divides in the blog and things will go into different sections from my random talk to well when I do industry related events and stuff that I might show on the side.

So let me know what you think about the new look, the new feel.



  1. Hey Angie, I love the new look! I think it is way cute! And I will be back often!

  2. Awesome, I love it! Just so you know, though, there is a site called and they do a million different backgrounds that work for blogger. Check my blog, I have one.

  3. I like blogger's new templates too! Trying one out myself :)