What about Change??

Did you ever feel like you weren't meant to do something, be something, wear something, act like something, feel something???

Do you ever wonder if your current situation does permit this kind of something you envision for yourself?

So you pause, you reflect and all you can come up with is CHANGE! I have had a few epiphanies already within the last year, of things I wanted for myself... finding a personal direction that makes sense, that facilitates the visions I have for myself. I have change my perspective of health and my personal well being as a mother, I have had a serious change in personality in wanting to be all I can be because I wouldn't expect any less from my daughter.

But I am feeling another change coming on and not sure if I am ready for that kind of change... my marriage and my family are my first priority are not in my change path, but what I am considering will change their lives completely. I don't want to rock the boat, I don't want to change for the worst.

Is that my own self talk to avoid my change, is my change fully needed... am I going to crazy trying to figure it all out! Probably yes, but it needs to be figured out!


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