Rain, rain go away...

Ohhh the misery that is the rain...

I love to sit on my porch and watch an impeccable thunderstorm but we've had abnormal rain season here in Toronto for end of spring.

But this gloomy and muggy weather is making me nuts... we don't have A/C and the truth is I don't really care that we don't anymore, but our house becomes unbearably humid during these freak rain storms. I live in perma nasty hair... only because it's frizzy and out of control it is making me mental.

Now I think I understand what those in Vancouver or London feel like... but seriously... I can't wait til it's little spring showers and not much more.

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  1. I'm going bonkers. It's been raining here for two weeks, and I feel moldy. *sigh * I feel you. xo