Did you feel that?

Toronto is usually not a very dramatic street, we don't have one ounce of cobblestone for the visual of it, ooohhh I guess we do in Yorkville, but I digress. Not a lot happens around here as of the last 30 years that I have lived here.

They have planned the G20 and G8 meetings here, but yesterday we got rocked with something that hasn't happened here since the 80's. I was upstairs in my room on my bed when the whole thing started rocking, for a moment I questioned my sanity and then realised the whole house was shaking. Called down to my husband to confirm such a situation and he was dumb-struck.

He barely spoke... he was freaking out, wasn't sure if that was the initial to worst tremors, told him to get our daughters in the doorways for their safety... but the tremor eased. And the prolific swearing from my husband started... LOL! He was taken so aback, he still is talking about it. Now they say it was a 5.0 earthquake which usually stands for some amount of damage; but it was in the middle of nowhere Quebec and we all just felt it's affects.

Everyone is ok, but my daughters have been trying to see the earthquake since yesterday... she keeps asking if that's it. The trees were swaying yesterday and my eldest asked fiercely:

Mama, is that the earthquake?

-No sweetheart, that's just the wind.

I guess those are going the be the conversations we will be having for the next while.



  1. When my building started shaking and swaying yesterday, my initial thought was that it was G20 related and that we were going to hear about something tragic soon. Thankfully, just a slight tremor from the earthquake. It was a cool experience, to say the least for me!

  2. That is so cute, your daughters wanting to see the quake. It really startled me. Like you say, you wonder if you imagine it at first.

  3. Truly an interesting experience for sure.