World Cup

On most days, and for sure during most weekend if you come into our house there are no sports on our Televisions. You will catch Cartoons on a constant rotation around here, we have given up our ability to watch whatever silliness we feel like watching, if the TV is on, which unfortunately it usually is and has become background noise to my daughters constant doings.

But there is a wrench that fell into their little life... my girls will have very limited tv time in the AMs! It's World Cup Season around here and I am SOOOO EXCITED!

Obviously I will be cheering for my heritage, my country of Greece! And hey, I feel no shame there is no Team Canada playing anyways. But I will not only watch the Greece games, because unfortunately that would make a very short watching period... but I watch all the games, I know a great deal of all the countries players names and I usually swoon, fantasize some of the hotter players.

I had my girls on my bed the other afternoon-- I the mother sat with them teaching them that the ball was being kicked, that I am only getting frustrated or excited over what might be a GOAL.... both my girls seem to be excited to watch along with me. This makes me a proud mommy.

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