It's lingering...

I don't know what's been bothering me lately, I can't shake the feeling....

It's been lingering it's ugly head... RESENTMENT! I can't get rid of it's ugliness but it's been feeding off of me for a couple of days and I can't shake it.

I have been thinking a lot about my future, my footing, my position in my work; and then I remember some of the people my life has crossed paths with. I am the girl who doesn't burn bridges, I am the girl who if you burn me I will still talk to you the next morning because there is no need to hold a grudge and be angry.

I don't want you to think telling me being angry is an acceptable feeling... because I don't live in that head space; but I have met a lot of BITCHES (Male and Female... let's be honest) and my industry is a small place. But some of those lovelies that I have crossed wouldn't be so kind, even after stabbing you in the back, after you dealt with them, worked with them--- you know they won't have one nice thing to say about you because they only know how to work on the bitchy level that is their realm.

So I look to my future with resentment, that I dealt with the people I did; that as poorly they were that as garish and cruel, they can be the thorn in my side if I want to move on... they will be the poor person to make a nice comment, they are not the people who live by the saying if you don't have nothing nice to say, don't say anything at all! Why and how did I work/deal with these people... why did I ever need to cross paths with people so crass???

But I can't shake my bitterness, my anger, my frustration towards these situations--- when they happened so long ago and I wasn't scathed at those time. Now I am angered and frustrated.

I have my daughters, my home and my vegetable garden... but they won't fix my needs for career success!


  1. Ohhh unfortunately glad I am not alone... but it really is getting to me!