High Tide to you Monday Morning!!!

So another weekend went by again, they seem to be flying by for some reason... perhaps it's the abundance of sun and how late the days go. But my weekend, which I hoping to be slightly more productive did come and go.

Not much happening here, I am repainting my bathroom, my dining room, deciding where the electrical outlets will be going in my master bedroom and debating if we can figure out an affordable budget to fix one of the bathrooms further in our very very old house.

I did go eat at a cute and interesting place near my home the other night, my mother was watching my girls for me and she had fed them so lovingly that me and the husband had to find some food but weren't looking to cook and add to clutter of piles of dishes that I had gotten through already earlier in the day. So I went and got a pick up order from GBK, if you don't know what that means... it's the Great Burger Kitchen. This little delight just opened around here but all the meat is grown here in Ontario and the animals are free ranged, the veggies are also locally grown... so it's suppose to be nicer on the carbon footprint we leave here.

But other than eating a little earth friendlier this week... I could not sleep last night... actually I can't sleep most nights. By the time I finally am off to dream land some people might be getting up for the morning. I wait it out so long, I finally do crash and then my husband so fantastically saves me from waking up in the morning by watching the girls.

What made today, this fair Monday morning so different... well, where do I start. So you know I am attempting to lose weight, I think I finally have come to terms with myself that under no circumstance is my current weight even remotely OK. But everyday is a struggle and for the first time if I fail or can't do it the next day I am not kicking myself into not working out for months on end, I just get back up the next day or the next couple of days and go workout as hard as I did the day before I just couldn't do it. But in this new found kick in my steps... in the fact that I actually JOGGED for the first time in my life this year, I had been eagerly wanting to go for a walk in the calm of night when really there isn't anyone out there and well start and perhaps into a longish JOG.

I can't believe I am saying this... A LONGISH JOG! Ha, if you know me personally, if you ever spent a moment with me you can see I am NOT a jogger, I was never a jogger. Even during my thinner years I wasn't your epitome of fitness. My core excercise was spending hours on end in a club shaking my ass to music, mostly house music all night. I actually will dance at a club and don't like going to clubs where people are making sure the walls are going to continue standing all night by hugging them as if they were to let go a large catastrophe might occur. (OK sorry tangent again... LOL!) But I was on my high school soccer team but I was not your star player, I played no other sport, I never rode a bike, I can't shoot a basketball into a basket and never learnt to do a cartwheel.

But today as I got out there and was walking at a pace that went on for the full 45 minutes (except for the slight jog I did), I was invigorated, full of live, even effervescent. So with NO sleep in me, I got out of my bed and hit the Toronto pavement it was 7:13AM as I left my house, I got the newspaper coming back around to my house and well everyone was still sleeping at 8AM, that I decided to head out to my backyard where I dug out the flower beds yesterday to make space for my vegetable garden that needs a ton of sun. So I entered my home 8:30AM and had already gone for my walk/jog and planted my carrots, celery and red peppers... I am feeling happily accomplished today!

So here is to a week of many mornings up early, many walks in the morning sun, many things accomplished by 8 am!!!

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  1. Congrats on the longish jog! I'm in the same "kick my own ass" place right now - it's awful, and my butt hurts, but we'll do it! xo