100 Truths

I have loved this blog, to the point where I refused to let it run it's course.

Before I started Mommydoings, I wrote a trend hunting blog. I went to Fashion school, worked in magazine production been on set with some of the best Canadian photographers, seen models, produced catwalks, fashion launches and most of all had friends who were stylists and makeup artists.

And then I had babies and felt you could mesh both worlds... it took me a long time to own my mommydom. And yet here I started it and didn't feel being a mom offered a ton of compelling stories so I struggled to find my mom voice. I even went to LA and my very famous travel writer friend said to me I think you have something with this mom blog... but I didn't see it or understand what she meant.

3 babies later, I started designing jewelry. And I thought well being a jewelry designer had nothing to do with my mom voice. Actually I felt my mom voice would hinder my edgy cool fashion... because nothing says cool fashion like a mom. What was I thinking!?!??!?

All in the meantime I was trying to be 2 different people. Which was hindering my authentic self. And as of late I have traveled across the US, had been living my best life in California for a year, ruffled a ton of feathers and realized I no longer need to be anyone but all my intricate self. I am the designer, who follows politics and finances, who is raising 4 badass kids who happen to be cute, funny, rambunctious girls. I don't wear a mom uniform but I do really like Yoga pants but shaved head, faux leather jacket and heeled hightops make me the odd mom at school pickup but it's who I am.

I am finally ready to embrace that person and no longer going to be anything to please the status quo because I don't think it's right. I am about owning my truth and constantly living my best life.

***so there isn't 100 truths here like some kind of list but I am bearing my own 100 truths by letting my honesty be my compass.***

xo Angie

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