Family Time: Movies in the Park

taking pics in the dark, flash too bright for little eyes

Summer doesn't come soon enough for me living here in Canada... I don't excel at winter activities, so when the summer rolls around I am even more hands on momma than the rest of the year. Try to find fun things to do as a family and make moments the girls can remember for a lifetime to come.

After a day filled with park visits, soccer games, street party meeting, we had scheduled in our calendar a movie in the local park! Planned for weeks, with permits acquired from our city hall, equipment on loan and a neighbourhood excited with the idea of giving our little park some evening action!

Our view of the film

We debated about taking the girls since they are in toddler/kindergarten ages and bedtime is early in our house... and it doesn't get dark til after 9pm... but we decided sometimes bedtime can be put at the waste-side for special moments. What we did do was have dinner, and then get ready for bed. We washed up, put on our PJs, prepped our warm milk in a sippy cups and strollered up and headed out to the screening. That way if someone needed to pass out they already were laying down in the stroller.

It was fun, families on blankets, a concession stand, a viewing of "The Fantastic Mr. Fox" in honour of the spotting of the Fox who has been trolling around in our city neighbourhood! We brought some popcorn we made at home, blankets to ward off the mosquitoes and our vigor to sit through our first full length film.

I loved this outdoor chandelier

It was nice... what do you do to bring fun into the family during the summer?


  1. I would love to watch a movie in the park one day, it's almost like going to the drive-in without the car.

  2. That sounds like so much fun! I'm glad your family had a good time :)