Losing my hair...

Being a mom has a lot of blessed moments... being a mom has it's bad moments but no one ever prepares you for all the hair loss you experience either after birth or after weaning from breast feeding.

The struggle is real my friends. Every pregnancy was a hair story for me. My first was a hair nightmare. I could barely brush my hair my head was constantly sore just touching it with a brush. I ended up cutting it off into the famed bob that  every celebrity started doing.

I always seem to have good hair while I am breastfeeding... its the weaning that is so hard to ingest. Just clumps and clumps.

This pregnancy I had such impeccably lush hair even my hairdresser said no way you are having a girl your hair is so incredible it has to be a boy. Alas hair doesn't dictate sex... so my 4th girl arrived and then the lush hair just start to drop in clumps. Clumps like I was suffering some irreparable disease

It's just hair they'll tell you. And the truth it is just hair. But when you are attempting to morph back into your new self hair loss can get the best of your emotions.

Now to decide what to do with this new version of my hair.

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