The change is happening...

My beautiful cousin who has been also in a life inspiring change for herself kept telling me she feels that this month would be the month of change for me...

Right before October started my Husband lost his job in a very contrived manner, which he is attempting to deal with legally, it wasn't the best news for our family, as you know I don't work for now since I broke my shoulder. My business really took a dip and my personal life even worse.

But with the stroke of luck and sheer genius from a wife who does everything her husband doesn't do, I went job hunting online for my husband. Helps that I know the man like the back of my hand, we finish each others sentences, think the same at the same time, but are highly different. I know how his interior clock works. So there I was looking on Craigslist look up different kind of sectors. My husband use to work in the media/broadcasting industry, it wasn't his cup of Java (we don't drink tea!) He has always been an artist and someone who needed to do stuff with his hands, he airbrushed on the side and did private jobs here in the house from time to time.

Finally he gets to use his talents further, he got a full time position airbrushing for a sport equipment firm, he'll be their lead airbrush artist. It's a very exciting adventure I am happy for him to be taking, the pay is substantially better than anything he's ever made before so how could I not be.

So perhaps that little cousin of mine was right... October was our month of change. Perhaps with the fates of the Universe he had to lose his job to land the one he would be so happy to have.

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