weight loss for a mommy...

It has been over a year since I gave birth to my second daughter, I am still the heaviest I have been pre-baby. I am the heaviest I have ever been period.

Sad thought to me since I had started a goal to work out last year and thought I would have nipped this situation in the bud. But here I am trying to not indulge myself in junk food, which is my weakness. Not your chips or popcorn, not candy in wrappers... give me a piece of cake, ice cream, something with an icing or with whip cream on it and I am your girl.

But I am only getting older in years, a family history with some shotty medical history and a waist size that Dr. Oz would be disappointed with... yes I am a die hard Dr. Oz fan!

Not sure how I will just get passed this struggle inside of me to just lose weight to focus on what needs to get done, to work on myself physically not just mentally. I need a goal... I think if I have a goal that I need to attain for some reason I might be forced to be responsible for my lack of weight loss.

So I am going to begin blogging about my attempt to lose weight to try and keep myself in check of what I am and am not doing.

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