The Secret!!

I know the last time I wrote I said I was reading a Dr. Phil book.... but I ended up being side tracked and started reading a little known book called the Secret. I am not going to tout it's wonderfulness to you all or what it says. But well Self Matters... positive thinking is something you have to go through and believe in!

I have been in a self realisation, it's hard raising daughters under the age of 2, having a husband who came down with some sort of odd disease/cold. And really just trying to be the best mom, wife, daughter, sister, cousin and friend I can be. I tend to over extend, I tend to overdo, I tend to want to be all I can be to everyone! Time I try to be the best Me for ME!!!

Which is where the Secret comes in, I decided to read this little book to find a way to get to a happier place... a happy place within me! And while reading, while focusing on the positives in my life, my family, my house.... I started to look at the positives within ME! Digging deep and hard, I am starting to let go of my shortcomings, started regressing to my teenage years where being carefree and non-judgemental of myself seemed almost the most logical way to feel about oneself.

So I advise that you all go and find a book, a magazine or something to read that well makes you want to take care of yourself, actually motivates you to focus on you and well works on being the best you for YOU!

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