Self Matters!!

For some of you, you know that's the title of a Dr. Phil book... but it's a route I am taking also. I have cracked open the book which I bought over the weekend. And will walk you along my doings that relate to the book as well.
And on a personal note... I bought myself a car!! You bought yourself a car? you might say. But it's the first step to a new me. I am a queen at Procrastination...I live a 15 minute walk away from the closest transit, so just alone leaving the house is a task on it's own. Don't think I am an anti-social... because once I am out, I just can't seem to get back into the house. I want to do everything and see everything on my one outing.
I am doing a study in Me first... so the car was a gift to me. To tell me there are things to work for; that perhaps a visual of being able to afford and use can domino an effect of self righteousness I don't know what will.
So I am proud of my new car and well my new reading material... I am going to use them both to their fullest potential... Hopefully it works and I'll get more done as the result to my mental change for the better!

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