Day 1

Welcome to my world....
I thought today was the best day to start the rest of my life... I have always been a bit of an ambitious fool. One thing led to another and I am a 28 y.o. mommy of 2 under 2, with a passion for Fashion a flare for the Business and an ability to NON-budget with the worse of them out there.
So the reason I find myself here... I have been dreaming up my own business for a long time now, I went through the nightmare to refinance my mortgage to get a loan to pursue my endeavours and realised I have NO credit... not bad credit just none to speak of.
I want to be a role model... I guess it would be a nice vision... to be the person your kids look up to the most... someone they aspire to be.

I've been reading a lot of blogs lately and really been inspired... you'll see a lot of kudos to posts that make me want to do more, think more, save more, budget more and in general be a better me while working to the bigger goal of being a Momprenuer. So as I said early on, Welcome to the wild roller coaster I call my life.

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