Paying the bills!!!

So today, I rectified all my bills... it cost me a personal fortune but they have been payed and cleared... til next month. Which takes me to the matter of making a Budget. Not what you think... I am not putting myself in a financial diet... Put it would be nice to see what kind of money comes in and what goes out. My goes it is my biggest dilemma... my mother calls it my debits and my credits- a bank lingo she has never been able to let go of.

Not only was my bill paying a dilemma today, my husband to help us save some money bikes to work daily... it's the summer and the warmth for the few months allows us to save a buck. Well this afternoon as he is heading to the bank he goes outside to leave with the bike only to realise someone has walked into our backyard and stole our bike.

Not that our bike was an expensive one, but the fact that as a mother of two small and precious babies... what a scary thought of someone just entering the backyard in the middle of the day.

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