Bethenny Frankel is beyond Mompreneur!

Have you heard of Bethenny Frankel? If not I might be concerned you've been living under a rock.

I first took notice of Bethenny when she appeared on the Apprentice Martha Stewart, she was a fast talking New Yorker. I was single then and she represented everything I ever wanted for myself... go-getting in the biggest city in the world. My life led me in a different direction, but then I hadn't seen Bethenny on my screen for years.

Then the Real Housewives Series started and the New York version started and she appeared on my screen all over again. Here I was watching her unfold her whole life on TV for the audience to watch and see so much about her. But we started to watch her grow this company called Skinny Girl.

Now you might say well I don't watch reality TV, but it doesn't matter... she now is making waves on the cover of Forbes for her business savvy. Because not only did she grow her Skinny Girl product, it's going to grow and be a money maker. Best part as a female is that she taught the licquor companies that Women are worth catering to in the spirits industry and not listening to us is suicide.

The Skinny Girl Margarita is hands down great... a mere 100 calories per serving, it touches to heart strings of the women not looking to gain weight but drink with the big boys, their girlfriends or even when they just need a drink alone! Guilt free... don't be mistaken, drinkers are concerned, head over to your closest local bar and ask the bartender what the most ask for drink from a female is and he will oblige with Vodka & Soda... but it isn't a fun drink. Trust me I've tried consuming it, not worth the effort! But that's the Diet girls drink of choice.

Finally in Canada (been in select US stores for a while now) we have options, and to help promote the Skinny Girl Margarita Bethenny chose to making appearances in Toronto and Vancouver. I wasn't going to miss out... here is a woman who is trying to balance a very lucrative business, motherhood and dealing with celebrity.

And Bethenny has come full circle for me, she is representing the newest dream I have for myself, Business woman with child (I have more than 1) but with perseverance to grow a business to make it successful and to never take no for an answer. She really inspires the new generation of women. It was a pleasure meeting her for multiple reasons, her smile infectious, her graciousness filled up the room.

Who is your business model? Who is your mom mentor?

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