Pushing through Me as Mom!

Lately I have been bombarded with comments and conversations about being Mom, being Social Mom and a Mom Blogger.

When did being pigeon-holed into a category make people feel the right to pass judgement, I read a blog about non-moms being the evil that the perils of being mom were misunderstood... but we're we moms not non-moms at one point in time. Then I read scathing twitter comments my most disturbing; "mom bloggers write blogs just so they can feel cool again." Best part it was from a fellow female. I don't understand this harbouring of resentment, I don't understand the lack of consideration in your fellow, human or even your fellow female.

I am a MOM, I may have worked in Editorial for a brief moment, been in the social circle before having kids, and please cool.... anyone even using the term can't really consider themselves cool! But when did a mom writing and sharing become so unattractive to those who don't have kids... why I ask, why do I care? Well because at one point in time some single living it up women will become the moms that they disparage in public forums.

I call it as it is, a huge amount of foot in mouth syndrome, where without taking precautions we speak without thinking. I take responsibility for the opinions I make, but I also like being called out on my shit, because I believe that owning up to offending people, learning from your lack of knowledge on a subject and just listening to an other's point of view makes me smarter and wiser on the subject may it reoccur in my life.

But most of all, I feel I have to defend my choice in parenthood, I wanted babies, I don't care that I worked in the most scathing industry that doesn't promote bearing children, I don't care that I have a social life that isn't very "mommy".... I don't like being pigeon-holed.... and believe that people do things for different reasons, it would be as I sitting here and commenting on why one doesn't have children, or moms who chose to stay home with their kids and don't leave their house... we do what "WE" want!

I do what I want... I want to stop feeling the need to defend my position. I want to be free of titles given to me by others, I want to be the funnest most outgoing mom, who does crafts with her girls, who goes swimming with them at the pool, who comes home and gets ready for a tweet-up or drinks with a girlfriend. Because I want to be me!

I tweeted this statement the other day; people assumed I was upset about something but I am just stating the obvious!

I am me, I am the best me I can be, I can't be you, you can't be me, there is only one of me!

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