Evicting Baby!

I have been pregnant a great 39+ weeks... and I am ready to have this baby leave my body.
Look don't get me wrong, I knew I was pregnant a week before I could test because my body started to act pregnant, I was exhausted as of 3 weeks into the pregnancy... and the exhaustion never went away.
The pelvic pain started around the middle of the pregnancy... now don't believe this happens in all pregnancies, and as my Ob/Gyn laughs at me constantly when I walk into her room for my scheduled appointments, she says to me that is the beast of having more than 2 babies. Let me tell you Relaxin is a bitch, while it allowed me to cross my legs til the end of this pregnancy, I only could no longer do it as of last week. But I could do so much physically except for walking for long periods of time or changing my physical direction (been sitting for too long, ha walking is not going to happen/ been laying in bed, getting up is impossible).

I love having babies, I have already complained about never having liked the actually activity of carrying a baby.

My girls were both induced babies... Eldest came out early out of concern she'd be enormous, HA, she weighed a mere 6lbs. Youngest over went her due date and well she got forced out too... this child has changed the game... I have been in active False labour for a week. Don't get me wrong, I am excited, I am hopeful I will enjoy the chance to turn to my husband and say: "Hunny, It's time, contractions are saying it's time!" or "Hunny.... my water broke" these are privileges I never got to indulge in.

It must have entertained the nurse in Triage yesterday when I called and asked for confirmation of how often my contractions should be and when I should go into the ward. Her first question was how many births have I already had I said 2... but never got to feel a contraction, please I never even had a Braxton Hicks with my girls.

So this is a love letter to my baby... you are being evicted now... come out please everyone wants to meet you!!!

Sincerely MOM!~

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