Keeping secrets!

Today I received a phone call about my open book quality...

Let me explain! My parents were secret keepers, from each other, from their kids, from their friends and their peers at large. No body needed to know anything about them that wasn't filtered through their well orchestrated facade. Now before you see it as a complaint of their upbringing to keep it all on the download, it's more about how their behaviour has taught be to be the utter opposite.

I am an Open Book... I share and share and share. Funny enough, I feel like I don't share it all. I feel like people sometimes still don't see the whole me, even though I try so hard to be as open as possible. Now I don't see myself as a brand and so my open and honest self is not a PR motivated self to accumulate a certain amount of followers for my blog, twitter or facebook.

On day to day I will share how happy I am, how in love I am, how frustrated I am, how tired I am, how confused I am, how politically charged I am, how get with the program irritated I am... it's a daily practice in releasing my personal thoughts, and the release is so great. I put it out there for the world and universe to hear, it's out there off my chest and floating around there not hurting me or anyone anymore.

But as of late I have gotten a ton of flack for my openness.., why do you share, why are you so happy, you think you are happier, smarter, or your issues are the only ones that matter. Say what? I am just sharing my life because I like to share. I believe if someone really doesn't want to know about my happy moments well they can move along and go read someones miserable moments.

I am not looking for approval in my openness... I won't change, I won't be silenced or filtered... just because this is who I am. Plus a ton more, I am a lot of person, a lot of thought, complex and individual but most of all I am ME. The sharer of moments, the open book generation X/Y blend of being born the year I was born, the social media lover, the life of the party, the dancer on the speakers... I have never been shy, never hid to not be seen, never wanted to be a run of the mill person who follows the fold. So if you want to stay secretive that's great, but I like being me... and thanks for the concern, I am really Happy with ME!


  1. I commend you for your openness, with your blogs, posts, statuses, I feel as if I learn and think deeper about my own life. Situations that have not occurred to me, some that may or may not.... What would I do, how would I react, etc. I say, f*ck those people so insecure in their own lives, that they need to nit pick yours.

  2. Thanks for the frank comment... I really will continue to be open, because I don't know any other way to be. And I forget people are reading the stuff I post, because I sometimes post it for me mostly... but glad I can be of some growth to you in anyway.